Arizona! (Wagons West #21)

Dana Fuller Ross
In the sun-scorched land west of Yuma, law and order do not exist. Desperadoes rule with brutal terror. Fearless settlers must struggle to survive - or die for their dreams - with a Winchester rifle as their redemption. In the hands of cavalry officer Reed Kerr, this superior weapon is the one true peacemaker in these harsh sandstone bluffs, overrun with commancheros. With his new wife Cindy Holt, he is prepared to fight for the freedoms that have lured the entire Holt clan into the wildest frontiers. From wagon master Whip Holt's trailblazing conquest of the West, to his son Toby's latest and deadliest showdown in Kentucky, these brave pioneers have staked their claim in the very heart of America. Now, in the merciless Arizona desert, they must put their own hearts on their line. For family. For country. For survival.


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