Annie Sprinkle - Post-Porn Modernist

Annie Sprinkle
Fans catch Annie Sprinkle's performance pieces, rent her porn videos, attend workshops, follow her career in magazines, trade playing cards and erotic postcards Out Magazine called Annie Sprinkle a cottage industry. Funny, unorthdox, and shockingly erotic, Annie Sprinkle: Post Porn Modernist is Annie's scrapbook of her life as a pleasure activist, tracing her evolution from Ellen Steinberg to Annie Sprinkle, High Priestess of Porn. The most nakedly graphic memoir you will ever read, Post Porn Modernist is packed with personal mementos, before-and-after photos, diary entries and art projects. Here are Annie's newest writings and never-before-seen photographs along with classics: Public Cervix Announcement, Tit Art, 101 Uses for Sex, Cut-Out Finger Puppets, The Bosom Ballet, Pornstatistics, and the Transformation of Les Nichols, Annie's transsexual lover. Originally published by Art Unlimited, Amsterdam, 1991, Annie Sprinkle: Post Porn Modernist is a cult classic.


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