Bar Exam Mind

Matt Racine
Stop Right There! Get the NEW Second Edition at "Outstanding Advice." "Great Strategies." HOW IS YOUR BAR EXAM MINDSET RIGHT NOW? Passing the bar exam takes hard work. Basic bar exam tips and tricks help, but if your mind is not ready for all the bar exam stress, anxiety and even fear, you could have a problem. Bar Exam Mind gives you proven strategies to help alleviate these problems and focus on what matters now: Learning the law and passing the bar exam. Bar Exam Mind shows you how to get your mind in top shape for the bar exam and get the mental edge you need to remain calm and focused while you study for and take the exam. The book also shows you the most productive ways to practice to perform your best on the bar exam. Among other things, you will learn: visualization techniques to remove bar exam fears strategies to improve test-taking performance how to use affirmations to increase self-confidence what to eat to keep your mind and brain healthy and in peak condition for the bar exam and much more! Use Bar Exam Mind as a supplement to substantive bar preparation courses. You can either follow the 21-day learning program included with the book or choose to implement only the techniques you believe will be most beneficial to you. After reading this book, you will be well on your way to a successful and stress-free bar exam.


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