Against the Night: Living in the New Dark Ages

Charles Colson, Ellen Santilli Vaughn
An examination of living in the "New Dark Age". A foreboding forecast of the material obsession paralyzing the West and political repression gripping the East. Surrounding us is rising crime, declining moral values and families disintegrating. Colson unmasks the crisis that originates within ourselves. It is in the character of our culture he claims, and it is eroding the development of our inner virtues. Whilst at the White House, Colson was a secularist and conservative. On becoming a Christian he began to look beyond the structures, the institutions and legislation and into people's hearts. He recognized the illusion of political power and how little actual influence political structures have over the course of history. Charles Colson is a former presidential aide, founder chairman of Prison Fellowship Ministries and has written four previous books.


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