Christian Courtship in An Oversexed World: Revised Edition

Rev. Thomas G Morrow
A popular treatment, conversational like a magazine column but a thorough discussion of sexual morality and much more. The book considers all the major “relationship” books and fads of the last twenty years or so (Venus and Mars, etc.) on their own terms, sifts out the good, trashes the bad, and brings every discussion to a truly Christian conclusion. The author draws stories from his own dating experience (He entered the seminary at age 34 after many years of dating) and from his pastoral work as a chaplain for several Christian singles groups. This is the only book which covers the whole range of courtship issues from choosing Mr./Miss Right; to the four meanings of love; to how to have a warm, chaste courtship; to modesty; to restoring the dignity of women and the goodness of affection; to overcoming the most common communications difficulties Also included is information on how to get beyond past sins, how to make the best of singleness while waiting for the right person, and what a truly Christian marriage looks like in the Catholic tradition. The book is written for Catholics but non-Catholics have benefited from it as well. This is the first revision of the book which was originally published in 2003. This revision was published in 2013


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