At Home on the Stroll

Alexandra Highcrest
"Alexandra Highcrest has written a book unlike anything else I've ever read. Her tough and fascinating tales of the sex trade are filled with humour, intelligence and extraordinary frankness. For me, she humanizes prostitutes and demolishes a lot of preconceived notions about prostitution." -Stevie Cameron "Insightful and politically astute.... At Home On the Stroll belongs on a shelf by itself. [It] presents a gritty, street-level portrait of the -- issues [and] the best analysis I have ever read of prostitute politics in Canada." -The Globe and Mail "For anyone who wants to understand prostitution, Alexandra Highcrest's witty and touching first-hand account is essential reading." -Professor John Lowman, School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University "At Home On the Stroll is an electric mix of journalism and drama. You feel Highcrest's delight in making the pages move.... So original and informative you can't put it down." -The Star Phoenix


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