Alternate Realities (Alliance-Union Universe)

C.J. Cherryh
Long out of print, these three acclaimed, stand-alone novels by the brilliant C.J. Cherryh are among her personal favorites. She calls them the "magic cookie books"- treats she wrote for herself-three daringly original works that explore the more "fantastic" themes of science fiction....Port EternityCamelot lives again-on a spaceship manned by Arthurian androids..."Marvelous." -Voya"A thoughtful work by an intelligent writer."-Science Fiction & Fantasy Wave Without a ShoreIs there alien life on the planet Freedom? If so, why can only some people see them? "Thoughtful...engrossing."-Publishers Weekly"A gem."-Los Angeles TimesVoyager in NightA human space crew's collision with an alien ship ends in death-and rebirth...."Suspenseful...and fresh."-New York Times"Intelligent space adventure and an intriguing psychological novel...thoughtful, original."-Chicago Sun-Times


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