Carnival of Horrors (Shade Books)

Philip Preece, Bradford Kendall (Illustrator)
Dreamland promises to grant any wish and fulfill any dream. But after Ben signs the contract, things start to go wrong. When Ben returns to the carnival, it seems that Dreamland was never really there. Can he fix things, or has he made a bargain he can't undo?


Reviewed: 2020-12-01

Ben is fleeing the school bullies, and runs into something worse: a contract signed in blood. At first the results seem good; Ben is able to defend himself and to pass his test at school. But each time something good happens for him, something bad happens to something he cares about. The action is fast paced, the writing clear. The theme is somewhat trite, but the treatment is good. New readers and struggling readers will enjoy the large, clear print, the simplistic wording, and direct story telling.

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