Bloody Chamber: And Other Stories, The

Angela Carter
From familiar fairy tales and legends – Red Riding Hood, Bluebeard, Puss-in-Boots, Beauty and the Beast, vampires, werewolves – Angela Carter has created an absorbing collection of dark, sensual, fantastic stories.


Reviewed: 2018-10-29
DNF @ 35% - Coming back to this one. Intense, in a good way.
Reviewed: 2017-01-16
There are stories in this collection that moved me to the point of putting the book down and pausing for a long while before continuing on to the next. There are also stories that, while I liked them, there was something about them that didn't sit entirely well with me. Even those, though, I appreciated enough that I definitely recommend this collection to everyone with an interest in deep, dark, grown-up fairytales.
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