12 Ways to Cope with a Challenging Child

Jennifer Sue Kamish, Eryn DeFoort
To the parents of challenging children - here is the book for you! This riveting book gives tangible solutions to the problems most parents face. It is a step-by-step guide on how to cope with your challenging child. This book is for children of all ages with all scopes of issues. If your child has a disability, discipline problems, or simply challenges you on a daily basis, this book will help you. This book will also guide you if you are simply looking for a peaceful guide to parenting. Parents should not have to struggle when raising a challenging individual. This guide provides clear-cut answers on how to deal with the challenges you are faced with at home and in an educational setting. It gives you motivation and hope. Your unique child will benefit from the amazing coping methods in this book. There is no greater feeling than the love you share with your child. Following the steps in this book will lead you to ultimate success in raising your wonderful human being. These coping methods will show you how beautiful it is to have the privilege in raising a unique individual. This book will bring you happiness and peace in your entire family!


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