Endeavour Views the Earth

Robert A. Brown (Editor)
Endeavour astronaut Jay Apt captured on camera many of the glorious moments of his space flights. This collection has been put together by Robert Brown with a commentary to give an insight into the experience of spaceflight. 'I have been into space twice so far. In my opinion, there is no better way to share the experience of spaceflight than by pouring over photographs. The US Space Shuttle has, by far, the best expanse of windows of any spacecraft yet built. In fact, the view from inside is not very different from the view I recall from being outside on two spacewalks. What you will see in these pictures is what you would have seen out the windows had you traveled with us.' Jay Apt, astronaut. Chosen for their aesthetic and educational value, these gorgeous pictures of Planet Earth, as seen from space, will both astound and enchant. Showing the Earth in all her beauty, this collection of photographs should be treasured for years to come.


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