Margaret Atwood
A New York Times Notable BookA Washington Post Notable BookA Best Book of the Year: The Guardian, NPR, The Christian Science Monitor, The Globe and MailA GoodReads Reader's ChoiceIn this final volume of the internationally celebrated MaddAddam trilogy, the Waterless Flood pandemic has wiped out most of the population. Toby is part of a small band of survivors, along with the Children of Crake: the gentle, bioengineered quasi-human species who will inherit this new earth.         As Toby explains their origins to the curious Crakers, her tales cohere into a luminous oral history that sets down humanity’s past—and points toward its future. Blending action, humor, romance, and an imagination at once dazzlingly inventive and grounded in a recognizable world, MaddAddam is vintage Atwood—a moving and dramatic conclusion to her epic work of speculative fiction.


Reviewed: 2019-02-28

To be honest, after the rather sketchy second novel, I wasn't sure I wanted to finish this trilogy, but I am very glad I did. Everything comes together (for the most part) in this book, and we finally find all the people we've met. It's truly amazing they're all able to find each other, given the global pandemic, but find each other they do -- and they mostly get along. This book is much more streamlined and clear-headed than the middle one. I could've done without some of the jealous women unnecessarily pitted against each other nonsense, but otherwise, it's a touching story in a horrifying situation, that I'm not even sure I'd call truly dystopic by the end. 

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