Advanced Algebra Tutor (Advanced Algebra 2 / College Algebra), The

Jason Gibson
The Advanced Algebra Tutor picks up where The Algebra 2 Tutor ends and continues to teach students the practical skills of Algebra through fully worked example problems. The content of this DVD is sometimes taught at the end of an Algebra 2 class and is also covered in College Algebra. Every topic is presented in an easy to understand format that use worked example problems - rather than a dry lecture - to teach the student not only the concepts but the skills need to solve homework and exam problems. Disk 1 Section 1: Graphs Of Functions Section 2: Graphs Of Circles Section 3: Transformations Of Functions Section 4: Combinations Of Functions Section 5: Inverses Of Functions Section 6: Quadratic Functions Section 7: Zeros Of Polynomials Disk 2 Section 8: Complex Zeros Of Polynomials Section 9: Graphing Rational Functions Section 10: Introduction To Sequences Section 11: Introduction To Series Section 12: Arithmetic Sequences And Series Section 13: Geometric Sequences And Series Section 14: The Binomial Theorem


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