Algebra 2 Tutor - 6 Hour Course - 2 DVD Set - Learn by Examples!, The

Jason Gibson
The Algebra 2 Tutor is the easiest way to improve your grades in Algebra! How does a baby learn to speak? By being immersed in everyday conversation. What is the best way to learn Algebra? By being immersed Algebra! During this course the instructor will work out hundreds of examples with each step fully narrated so no one gets lost! See why thousands have discovered that the easiest way to learn Algebra is to learn by examples! NOTE: It is highly recommended that you use this DVD along with the "Algebra 2 Tutor Companion Worksheet CD" which is also available on Chapter Index - Topics Covered: Disk 1 Section 1: Graphing Equations Section 2: The Slope Of A Line Section 3: Writing Equations Of Lines Section 4: Graphing Inequalities Section 5: Solving Systems Of Equations By Graphing Section 6: Solving Systems Of Equations By Substitution Section 7: Solving Systems Of Equations By Addition Disk 2 Section 8: Solving Systems Of Equations In Three Variables Section 9: Simplifying Radical Expressions. Section 10: Add/Subtract Radical Expressions. Section 11: Multiply/Divide Radical Expressions. Section 12: Solving Equations with Radicals. Section 13: Fractional Exponents Section 14: Solving Polynomial Equations. Section 15: The Quadratic Formula.


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