Algebra Word Problem Tutor - 2 DVD Set - 6 Hour Course - Learn By Examples!, The

Jason Gibson
The Algebra Word Problem Tutor will teach you the skills and techniques to tackle the important skills related to solving word problems in Agebra. Word problems are frequently hard for students to master because you have to learn how to extract the information out of the problem and decide how to proceed with finding the solution - and there are usually many ways to do this! This DVD course teaches by examples how to set up algebra word problems and solve them. It is applicable to any Algebra course, SAT, GRE, and other standardized tests. Disc 1 Section 1: Number Problems Section 2: Digit Problems Section 3: Problems Involving Averages Section 4: Coin and Money Problems Section 5: Age Problems Section 6: Problems Involving Speed, Distance, and Time Disc 2 Section 7: Mixture Problems Section 8: Interest Problems Section 9: Lever Problems Section 10: Work Problems Section 11: Problems Involving Quadratic Equations Section 12: Problems Involving Geometry


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