Against the Grain: A Carpentry Manual For Women

Dale McCormick
" Against the Grain is a thorough and detailed book of carpentry. It is written and illustrated by a woman who survived the four year union apprenticeship program and is a practicing journeywoman. Though this is a book on the techniques and theories of carpentry, it is also a practical, working skills manual. The large clear illustrations make up nearly one-half the 250 page book and help to take away the mystery of the trade's tools and calculations. The chapters range from descriptions of tools, metal fasteners and glues, joints; through building windows, doors, walls, stairs, roofs, concrete basements; to, finally, putting it all together in one structure. An extensive page by page cross-referencing system allows the carpenter to begin her work at any chapter and still be able to use the information from the rest of the book. A complete glossary and index are included. "


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