Gertrude Stein: A Composite Portrait

Linda Simon (Editor)
Gertrude Stein: A Composite Portrait brings together for the first time the reminiscences of some of Stein's most famous friends and adversaries, and provides an astonishing range of opinion on both the woman and her work. Seen variously as a spoiled child or an Aztec priestess, a Rabelaisian woman or an austere monk, the genius who "swept the literary circus clear for future performances," or the eccentric innovator with no inheritors, Stein emerges at last as a marvellously complex and engaging human being. As we observe her discussing sex with Hemingway, feuding and making up with Picasso, or basking in the sweetness of domestic life with Alice B. Toklas, we discover that as the conventional notions about Stein are dispelled, the mystery and fascination of her legend only increase.


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