Gone the Golden Dream

Jan Markell
The true story of ELIEZER LESHENOTSKY, facing terror and death in Russia, who begins the search for the ''goldene medineh.'' Eliezer, young husband and father-to-be, is the first Leshenotsky to leave his peasant home. Surviving a three-week walk through a Siberian winter and an incredible ocean crossing, Eliezer arrives in America. He is able finally to save enough from his laborer's earnings to send for his wife and the little son he has never seen. Golda's dreadful voyage with small Joseph comes to an end in the uncertainty and humiliation of the Ellis Island immigrant processing. But the Leshenotskys, finally reunited, are certain that now the dream will come true for them in America. Imagine their frustration and hopelessness as they try to raise a family on a peddler's wage in the ghettos of New York City. Son Joseph, after many years of searching, finds out for himself that the dream is an elusive pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Ready to give up in despiar, Joe stumbles onto a book in a Las Vegas casino. The truth he finds in the book eventually turns his life round. He is at last able to show his sons the answer to their personal and national dream.


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