In Her Shoes

Jennifer Weiner
Rose Feller is thirty; a successful lawyer with high hopes of a relationship with Jim, Mr Not-Quite-Right, a senior partner in her firm. The last thing she needs is her messed-up, only occasionally employed sister Maggie moving in: drinking, smoking, stealing her money - and her shoes - and spoiling her chance of romance. If only Maggie would grow up and settle down with a nice guy and a steady job. Maggie is drop dead gorgeous and irresistible to men. She's going to make it big as a TV presenter, or a singer...or an actress. All she needs is a lucky break. What she doesn't need is her uptight sister Rose interfering in her life. If only Rose would lighten-up, have some fun - and learn how to use a pair of tweezers. Rose and Maggie think they have nothing in common but a childhood tragedy, shared DNA and the same size feet, but they are about to find out that they're more alike than they'd ever believe.


Reviewed: 2020-10-30

This one I didn't like at all. The relationship between these two girls was so bad. The characters were written in a way to be polar opposites and then supposed to "come together" in the end but the execution of this was really bad. I didn't like either sister character and the writing style was a bit jarring. I found a total of seven grammatical errors/typos within this story as well. I can't recommend this one. It wasn't entertaining to say the least. 

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