A-B-C’S of Geriatric Massage: Part 1 - The Techniques / Part 2 - The Applications, The

ABC's of Geriatric Massage In Part 1 - "Techniques", Dietrich Miesler shows all the techniques he utilizes for his work with well and ill elderly. In revealing close-up shots, the DVD covers details of his techniques from the "pump handle" to "fluffing." He explains when they should be used and why. The DVD is subdivided into many sections, which makes it easier to locate specific phases. In Part 2 - "Applications", Dietrich shows the applications of the techniques of Part 1 on a number of actual patients who are suffering from Parkinson's Disease, Stroke (CVA), Poor Blood Circulation (PVD), and Osteoarthritis. The DVD also shows the improvised use of an over-the-bed table for a seated massage for a patient who has positioning problems.


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