Power of Myth, The

Joseph Campbell
Finally available in a popularly priced,  non-illustrated, smaller-format edition, which is ideal  for the college market and general reader alike,  this extraordinary best-seller is a brilliant  evocation of the noted scholar's teachings on mythology.


Reviewed: 2020-09-25
I didn't enjoy this at all. I'm glad to have read it and now be able to say that it's all bullshit. Keep in mind, Joseph Campbell is George Lucas' role-model (wait...George Lucas is the worst writer ever). I'm harsh cause I only pick and choose what I like in the whole realm of Greek mythology. If you're a writer you could really make something out of this book either by writing out of inspiration from this book (but in a much better way than Mr. Lucas), or by writing in complete contrast to this book.
Reviewed: 2018-10-06
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