Differentiated Learning

Kathy Paterson
As our world becomes increasingly complex, teachers face the challenge of creating authentic learning opportunities for all students, as well as helping them build the skills and knowledge they need to live harmoniously and successfully in school and beyond. Differentiated Learning demonstrates simple ways teachers in grades K-9 can manipulate content by aligning tasks with instructional goals, break down objectives into manageable parts, create flexible and effective working groups, encourage students to take part in projects, and vary expectations based on the needs and abilities of students. Projects are a powerful and effective way to motivate students and organize learning. This practical book presents thirty projects organized around the major levels of thinking: Knowledge and comprehension--from a visit from an elder and a life circle wall hanging to story theatre presentations; Application--from a class mosaic and super-hero posters to marvelous masks of many colors; Analysis--from mirror-image collages and "amazing compilation person" to cultural calendars; Synthesis--from silent island building to photo-storybooks to spectacular school brochures. The projects in Differentiated Learning incorporate the interconnections among language, culture, involvement, peer support, and learning. Each focuses on literacy activities along with curriculum connections and opportunities for differentiation. This valuable resource includes ready-to-copy surveys and other activities to involve students, as well as suggestions for addressing diversities that range from the cultural, linguistic, and religious to the intellectual, physical, and behavioral.


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