Answer Book: A Helpbook for Christians, The

Samuel C. Gipp
Samuel Gipp, twenty-three years of age, had recently graduated from Bible College and entered the field of evangelism. An unfortunate accident, however postponed this plan for a year. He sustained a broken neck in the accident, yet continued without proper care for almost three months before his critical injury was properly diagnosed. Sam faced a harrowing surgery, and the problems only mounted from there. Over twenty years have passed, but the pain he feels daily constantly reminds him of that hot August day and the accident that changed him forever. This book is a must read for anyone who suffers constant pain, or any reader who wants to be encouraged by the drive of the human spirit. Dr. Gipp shares his personal story of how his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and his devotion to daily Bible reading has helped him deal with the constant agony, and his journey through life Living with Pain!


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