Haunted Oklahoma City (Haunted America)

Jeff Provine, Tanya McCoy
Oklahoma City boasts a rich heritage of gumption and perseverance, but there are many tales only whispered from shadows. A spectral woman may be seen in the upper window of the Overholser Mansion, looking for her long-lost love. The spirit of one of Oklahoma's feistiest leaders is said to dwell in the Governor's Mansion, where he trips guests on the stairs. Perhaps still thirsty for the drink a fatal gunshot interrupted, the ghost of a cheating mobster rattles the glasses at Gabriella's off Route 66. Jeff Provine and Tanya McCoy uncover the curious and creepy tales of the Sooner State capital.


Reviewed: 2018-07-30

When I studied Oklahoma history in high school I learned nothing. Not a damn thing. I picked up this book because I had attended one of Jeff Provine's Norman Ghost Tours and found the history really interesting. Plus, my favourite bookstore had the book on a display right next to the register. I picked up the book the day before Halloween and read it in just a couple of hours. The history alone is enough to read the book. For instance, I knew about the tunnels underground downtown that connects several of the buildings, but I did not know that Chinese immigrants created underground tunnels and lived in them. They had chickens in the tunnels. Sadly the tunnels are gone, but knowing they were there is fun. If I had an issue with the book is with the psych sections. I could have done without those chapters and really would have loved more history.

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