Study Smart, Study Less: Earn Better Grades and Higher Test Scores, Learn Study Habits That Get Fast Results, and Discover Your Study Persona

Anne Crossman
Reap the rewards of a higher GPA without sacrificing your sanity or your social life!  If “I studied all night and I still didn’t ace the test” is your mantra, this witty study guide will help you pinpoint your personal learning style, prevent study mishaps, and work to your strengths. Using the best research on memory and the brain, Study Smart, Study Less offers easy techniques to help you: •  absorb info quickly•  remember it accurately•  create a successful study space •  put together a productive study group •  use interactive games to master tough material•  identify pitfalls—and avoid falling into them •  and stop overstudying (no—this isn’t a typo) By learning how to learn, you’ll not only feel smarter, you’ll be smarter.


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