101 Vacations to Change Your Life

Karin Baji-Holms
When listless and blue, there's nothing better than a pampering spa vacation or a spiritual ret: eat to ease the body and mind. Author Karin Baji-Holms has scoured the United States for the best wellness centers, retreats, and spas, and divides them uniquely into those that cater to each of the four elements -- well known in New Age communities -- air, water, earth, and fire. Introducing readers to the historical meanings and spiritual influence of the elements, she guides seekers to the most effective place to cure what ails them. With 101 wellness centers, retreats, and spas described in this book, readers will find a comprehensive list of addresses and phone numbers, activities, services, and accommodations. The book suggests not only places to ease the mind, but places to cure the body as well.101 Vacations to Change Your Life includes a glossary of terminology for those unfamiliar with the features of so many spas and retreats. Filled with inspirational quotes, this book is an entertaining source for vacations that will affect the lives of readers well beyond those few days away from work.


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