Agrippina: Mater Fortis

Lance Piantaggini
Agrippina is the mother of Rufus and Piso. She wears dresses and prepares dinner like other Roman mothers, but she has a secret—she is strong, likes wearing armor, and can fight just like her husband! Can she keep this secret from her family and friends?


Reviewed: 2018-10-18

2 stars: The book was difficult and very repetitive - multiple chapters were just repeating what was said in the past. You should read this book if you also like mysteries and secrets. - Kate Harry, October 2018

3 stars: It was a repetitive book and nothing interesting happens. The mother is the major character. You should read this book if you also like books about voyages and war. - Michelle Moncayo, October 2018

4 stars: It was sort of interesting but gets slow. You should read this book if you also like gladiators. - Matthew Hosey, December 2018

5 stars: I thought that the book did a great job of balancing a solid story and different subplots. I really enjoyed Agrippina debating with herself over revealing her secret, and then choosing to in order to save her husband at the end of the novel. Also, the scene with Agrippina vs. the thief was awesome! You should read this book if you like LuciferMaze Runner, and Hercules. - Sutter Guttery, December 2019

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