Anthony Gibbins
This is the tale of brave Gilbo and how he came to leave the comfortable home of his parents. Meet a powerful wizard, a nasty orc, a ferocious lion, a beautiful slave-woman, and a mysterious painter whose paintings appear to predict the future.


Reviewed: 2019-09-05

5 stars: It was easy to understand and the pictures really helped. I liked the repetition and it talks about each individual character. There's also some suspense. - Carter Kern, September 2019

5 stars: This book was very easy to read with the help of pictures and repetition. You really understood the personality and characteristics of each character. - Mary Reynolds, September 2019

5 stars: It was a good book. It was easy to understand, but it wasn't too easy. You should read this book if you like a good long story of one character and their adventures. - Maggie Coveny, September 2019

4 stars: The book told a good story from different perspectives without giving too much away about both the orc and Gilbo. Gilbo tells a story about how two people have to work together in order to try and beat the master, Orcus. You should read this book if you like books about monster hunting. - Charles Weick, February 2020

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