Quis Ianuam Pulsat?

Latin Students
Who's at the door? This is a collection of short stories in Latin about real and fictional people.


Reviewed: 2019-09-05

5 stars: The book was so funny, and I enjoyed reading my fellow classmates' books. This book is enjoyable if you like reading about some celebrities from our life today or even people in our classes. - Kate Brown, September 2019

5 stars: This book was very good because it talked about different celebrities and it was written by students. You should read this book if you like celebrities and interesting ideas through the views of students. - Maggie Coveny, September 2019

5 stars: A bunch of people punch each other next to doors. There was even a dog punching. You should read this book if you like crime movies. - Jillian Fry, April 2020

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