Captain P. I. Rikord's Voyages to Japan During, 1811-1813

Kenji Murakami
This historical event took place at Kunashiri Island next to Hokkaido, Japan during 1811-1813. Seven Imperial Russian Navy soldiers were suddenly captured by the Japanese officials in July 1811 and released in October 1813 thanks to the wisdom and friendship of two outstanding individuals. One was Capatin P.I. Rikord of Imperial Russian Navy and author of this recollection and the other was Takataya-Kahei of the Japanese merchant and ship-owner, native of Awaji Island near by Kobe who was also adversely captured by Captain Rikord in order to negotiate return of previously captured seven Russian soldiers. This island has been occupied by Russia since September 1945 and claiming its acquisition as a result of WWII.


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