Abraham's Legacy

Mustafa El-Amin
"Abraham's Legacy: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Reality" by Mustafa El-Amin, shows the progression of Prophet Abraham's faith in Allah. The author points to the fact that man should not give blind allegiance to any concepts. Man should consult his reasoning and ponder on those things that may not be clear to him. Al-Islam appeals to man's intellect. The followers of Al-Islam should not feel that they can see their way through this religion soley on the basis of blind faith, rather that we should see our way through this religion by the use of intellect. It was Abraham's curiosity that led him to proper worship. It is the use of intellect that will aid the seeker of Truth to understand modern problems and deal with the challenges of reality. This book should be of great interest to every student of life, for the author highlights two major concerns: "FAITH and REASONING". It is a high degree of faith and reasoning, along with hard work, that will afford us the opportunity to establish ourselves as individuals and communities worthy of respect. This book will allow the reader the opportunity to utilize the great wisdom of Prophet Abraham's (PBUH) lifestyle in applying it to our modern situations." Book jacket.


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