Stormbringer (The Elric Saga, #6)

Michael Moorcock
A dark feast of fantasy adventure from its finest creator - volume 12 of The Eternal Champion, the Millennium Uniform Editions of Michael Moorcock's fantastic fiction.


Reviewed: 2019-04-19
The amazing conclusion of the Elric Saga is worth all the hype it received during the years.
The best four tales of the Emotionally Depressed Albino are in this last book. It also marks the end of the original story, although there are more stuff, apparently those were made later.
These are more than the "do something stupid or useles to get in a vulnerable spot then beat everyone with the magic sword or spell, repeat process" that had been plaguing Elric's adventures in previous books. This time Elric shows some determination and intelligence akin to his first book.
Also, there is a considerable evolution in the character when we compare Elric in these last book with himself of that first.
A great classic of dark fantasy.
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