Llama Who Had No Pajama: 100 Favorite Poems, The

Mary Ann Hoberman
If you’re sleepy in the jungleAnd you wish to find a pillow, Take a friendly word of warning:DO NOT USE AN ARMADILLO!Covering everything from centipedes to whales, from swinging on swings to ice-skating in winter, from eating applesauce to celebrating birthdays, the delightful poems in this extensive collection convey the experiences of childhood with a fresh timelessness.


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#llamawhohadnopaj... , poetry book covers many stuff like, family,animals and play time..
#llamawhohadnopaj... This is fun and playful who would think about a llama in pajamas.
#llamawhohadnopaj... I chose this book because of all the wonderful silly poems and things throughout the book
#llamawhohadnopaj...the 1988 notional parenting publication award and the best book of the year in child magazine. Rhythm and rhyme for kids