All The Things We Were (River Valley Lost & Found) (Volume 3)

Kayla Tirrell
Nineteen-year-old Michelle doesn’t think her summer could get any worse. She’s missing out on the sandy beaches of Mexico to work in her father’s bookstore, her relationship with her mother is complicated, and to top it all off, her co-worker is the captain of the nerd-patrol. As the replacement guitarist of River Valley’s most popular band, Rainier’s summer is shaping up to be a life-changing one. No longer the shy kid who barely leaves his house, he feels alive on stage. Everything would be amazing if only he wasn’t stuck working with his boss’ mean-girl daughter. There's a thin line between love and hate. Will Rainier and Michelle take a chance to explore the connection they can't quite deny? Or will they discover some people are too different to make it work? All The Things We Were is a young adult contemporary romance great for both teens and adults. It is the third in a series of books, each revolving around a different couple living in the same small town. This story can be read as a standalone.


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