Chronicles of the Goblin King

Bruce J. Oliver
I began this book merely because I wanted to give my daughter a personal gift. I wanted to give her something that nobody else could give her, my thoughts, daydreams and fantasies over the years. Like so many, I am my own worst critic. (Even now there are things Id like to change in the book.) Being such; I asked friends to evaluate my book as I wrote it just to make sure that it was good enough to give to her. I was not expecting the reception that it got. Or that so many would end up wanting copies of their very own. I thought this was only because they were my friends. However I got a chance to introduce it to total strangers who all had the same reaction and the same comments, "Where and when can I get a copy of this book? And can I get an autographed copy?" I was stunned to say the least, seeing as how I am a simple man who never did well in school, let alone graduated. Yet this story seems to carry itself despite any grammatical errors that it may still have. It is filled with lovable and interesting characters and situations in a magical setting. And I've been told by many  "This should be made into a movie!" well I'm already amazed at how well it has done, but by the warm reception it has gotten I would not be surprised if it ends up going all the way. The story took on a life of its own from the very beginning, and let me tell you if you like volume one you're gonna love volume two, but please be patient because this story has only just begun. Volume two is far from finished and I can't wait to find out what happens next.


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