After the Happily Ever After

Linda Rose Ennis
"This book is about the two-tiered system and invisible imbalance that operates within the framework of the family. It is about the fantasy of the "happily- ever- after", which the wedding industry promotes and Western society reinforces. Why are we hanging onto this faux happiness at the expense of our future well-being? Why don't we wonder what happened after "they lived happily ever after" and if, in fact, they really do? What I hope to achieve by writing this book is to rattle the cage of young brides, about to embark on this journey, to talk about these issues with their future partners and to set the system up in a more equal way, so no one is caught off guard if and when things crumble. It will be difficult to achieve this task because no one wants to think about things falling apart even before it begins and most certainly it sours the sweetness of the fantasy of the "happily ever after", as we know it. What we don't realize is that there will be less bitterness and upset for the family, especially the children, if we pursue this line of thinking and isn't that the real "happily-ever-after"?"--


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