Back Door Guide to Short-Term Job Adventures: Internships, Summer Jobs, Seasonal Work, Volunteer Vacations, and Transitions Abroad, The

Michael Landes
From internships to seasonal work to volunteer jobs and adventures abroad, this best-of-the-best guide from short-term job expert Michael Landes offers a comprehensive list of more than 1,000 life-enriching opportunities like river guiding in Alaska, restoring a medieval castle in the south of France, or contributing to a sustainable farm. Whether you'¬?re looking for a summer job, avoiding the post-college cubicle life, or trying to reinvigorate or redirect a stalled career, a short-term job adventure may be just what you need. In this fully-revised, handy-sized fourth edition, Landes has extensively updated all listings to provide the most current information, and added 150 completely new listings. Why wait and wonder? Seize your life and career path in both hands (it will take both to lift this book!) and step through the back door. The world awaits!


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