Dreamgivers (Wells Fargo Trail, Book 1), The

James Walker
From the Darkness of the Civil War to the Dawn of the New FrontierZachary Cobb came West carrying the bitter memories of the long walk home from Appomattrox. The scars the battle left in his soul were a part of his life he couldn't put to rest and that time seemed never to cure. Yet the skills developed in battle now serve Zac well as an undercover agent for Wells Fargo.A series of payroll holdups in the Mohave Desert puts Zac on the dangerous trail of someone who's apparently working from inside the Wells Fargo company. But the investigation that follows leads Zac and the local sheriff, Jeff Bridger, into a confrontation with powerful underworld figures who will stop at nothing for control of the opium trade and the illegal supply of Chinese workers for the railroad.When Jenny Hays, the young woman who cares for Zac, is unwittingly drawn into the final confrontation, he finds himself facing danger from without and within.


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