The annual compilation of news, views and analysis of the global resistance to war, and capital. As the Forces Of Darkness gather for a new attack on Iraq, they are shaken by an unexpected explosion of resistance. US air bases are invaded; military convoys are blockaded; schoolkids from Manchester to Melbourne stage mass walkouts; roads are occupied, embassies besieged, and cities all over the world are brought to a standstill by the biggest mass demonstrations ever seen. Read about the efforts to sabotage the war machine that the corporate media ignored: not just the mass demos, but Tornado-trashing in Scotland, riots across the Middle East, and train blockades in Europe. This book also covers many of the past year's other stories from the rebel front lines, including GM crop-trashing, international activists in Palestine, and the 10th anniversary of Castlemorton. All that plus loads of new articles, photos, cartoons, subverts, satire, a comprehensive contacts list, and more...Inspect this book for weapons of mass direct action!


Reviewed: 2018-10-22

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