Covered Wagons, Bumpy Trails

Verla Kay
Mother, Father and Baby John are heading west! The fertile Sacramento Valley is calling, and the deep rivers, endless plains, blistering desert, and steep mountains in the way are not going to stop them. The spirit of the grueling and exciting life on those treacherous trails is enlivened by little known details (did you know the pioneers pitched valuables from their wagons at steep sections of the trails?) and an energetically appealing family.Praise for Gold Fever, also by Verla Kay and S. D. Schindler: "A rich vein of Americana, cleverly mined."--Publishers Weekly, starred review "Kay's personalized approach to history is a hoot."--School Library Journal, starred review"As an introduction to a vital piece of American history, it's wryly humorous and unflinchingly candid."--Kirkus Reviews, pointer review


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