Three Little Pigs (Little Golden Book)

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The three little pigs have never looked so cute and the big bad wolf never looked so bad in this retelling of the classic fairy tale! Vintage Disney artwork from the 1940s makes this book an important addition to every Little Golden Book collector’s library.


Reviewed: 2020-03-25
Reviewed: 2019-02-16

Three Little Pigs is a beast tale. Between the four characters there are three archetypes. The first two pigs, supporting characters, are fools. Even though they know of the nearby danger they place importance on fun instead of safety. The protagonist, the third pig, is a hero by saving his brothers, but he also has king traits, like being controlling of his own environment. The antagonist, the wolf, is a criminal. Smooth and smart he uses his physical strength when it is easy, but also his mind when the situation calls for it, as with the sheep skin and going through the chimney. The story is representative of the importance of preparation. The third pig was able to save his brothers because he put aside childish fancy in order to build a proper house. The plot is nicely episodic which lends nicely to telling the story with or without the book.

This book is an adaption of the Walt Disney Film of the same name and thus retains some of the Disney magic in terms of musicality. The pigs have little songs that children will enjoy and if the book is read multiple times the children can learn the songs to have a more interactive story time. Elements of the older Three Pigs tales are there, as well. The repetition of "...not by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin!" will have kids participating in a snap.

One thing that I like about the Three Pigs tale in general is its adaptiveness, since its motif is magic animals by way of anthropomorphized pigs, and pigs are fairly common around the world, the story's setting can change depending on the person taking it in. If the story is being told without a book, the setting is only limited by the listeners imagination.

The illustrations of this book are fanciful and make great use of color. The pigs clearly have personality on the page. In one illustration the first two brothers are dancing and the motion is so neatly captured, that I can easily imagine the animation from which they originated even though I have never seen it. If the reader enjoys with classic Disney materials, they will find themselves enthralled with the art on these pages, which beg the reader to sing along with the pigs.

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