Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works Limited Edition Blu-ray Box Set 2

Fuyuki City will be changed forever following the events that will come to be known as the Fifth Holy Grail War. With the Masters and Servants slowly revealing themselves and their intentions, the stage is set for the grand finale, and at the center of it all is Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka. The Holy Grail War continues, with each Master and Servant duo making their move for the omnipotent wish granter. Caster's plans have been set in motion, beginning with taking Saber captive while Rin and Archer go their separate ways to continue their fights on their own. Without Saber's aid, Shirou's principles are put to the ultimate test. With many battles to come with expected and unexpected enemies, Shirou's resolve begins to take form. Is his desire to protect people and become a hero, genuine? Or are they simply borrowed feelings? And will it be enough to carry him to the end? Contains episodes 13-25 plus the original soundtrack II, a 24-page deluxe booklet, and an exclusive Weiss Schwarz collectible PR card, all in a rigid box illustrated by the original character designer, Takashi Takeuchi. (Card only available while supplies last.) Special Features: Special OVA "sunny day," Textless Opening and Endings, Trailer/TV Spot/CM/PV Collections. Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles, Spanish subtitles.


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