Above And Beyond (Brown, Sandra)

Sandra Brown
"You know how I've always loved the rain. There's nothing cozier than seeking shelter from the rain with someone you love." "I would trade all the presents I've ever gotten for one of your kisses. One of those long, slow kisses that fulfills and tantalizes." "Sometimes I think you aren't real, that you're someone wonderful that I dreamed up. I love you with all my heart . . ." The letters Kyla sent to her husband, Sergeant Richard Stroud, stationed a world away, spoke of a love that stretched across the ocean and held the young couple together. But when tragedy ended their marriage too soon, Kyla was left a widow with a newborn son. And Richard left behind only a metal box filled with his wife's declarations of love. Trevor Rule had been Richard's best friend. Returning home from military duty, he carried with him the letters Kyla had sent. And with each one he read, he fell more in love with the gentle, passionate woman who had penned them. Now he needed to convince Kyla of his feelings, and that they both had the right to be happy, to move past the tragedy of Richard's death. But Trevor was harboring a secret, one with the power to destroy the love he was trying so hard to protect.


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