La Frontera | The Exile

Ricardo Larrain
Ramiro Orellana is a hapless math teacher who becomes the victim of a political witch hunt when he signs a petition to support his fellow colleague. Ramiro is exiled, transported to a remote island where a small village of outcasts. The village has a history of tidal waves along with an overall washed up feeling. Separated from his life and family, Ramiro must make due with the eccentric characters in town. The priest provides him room and board. The local who is determined to find the "hole in the sea" gives him work on his ocean explorations. The biggest impression comes from Maite, a lonely woman who still spends her time playing house at the deserted remnants of her childhood home. Ultimately, a relationship stirs. Maite’s father wants Ramiro to take her from this desolate island. But as an exile, and Maite’s nostalgic tendencies, he is up against some severe challenges. Directed by Ricardo P. Larrain. Originally released in 1991. Spanish with English subtitles. 120 minutes.


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