Promised Neverland, The Vol. 1

Kaiu Shirai, Posuka Demizu (Illustrator)
The children of the Grace Field House orphanage have their happy lives upended when they find out they're being raised to be fed to demons. Can they escape their fate before it's too late? Life at Grace Field House has been good for Emma and her fellow orphans. While the daily studying and exams they have to take are tough, their loving caretaker provides them with delicious foods and plenty of playtime. But perhaps not everything is as it seems... Emma, Norman and Ray are the brightest kids at the Grace Field House orphanage. And under the care of the woman they refer to as "Mom," all the kids have enjoyed a comfortable life. Good food, clean clothes and the perfect environment to learn--what more could an orphan ask for? One day, though, Emma and Norman uncover the dark truth of the outside world they are forbidden from seeing. Shonen Jump's big hit of 2017, a masterful suspense story illustrated by up-and-coming artist Posuka Demizu. * Releases 2 times a year for 2+ volumes. Series is ongoing. * Art show in Japan featuring Posuka Demizu's art in December 2016. * Weekly simultaneous serialization in VIZ Media's Weekly Shonen Jump digital magazine. * Will appeal to fans of mainstream Shonen Jump series like Assassination Classroom and Death Note.


Reviewed: 2021-04-08

Emma, Norman, and Ray are the brightest kids at the Grace Field House orphanage. Under the care of a woman they all call “Mom”, all the kids enjoy good food, clean clothes, and the perfect environment to learn and grow. One day though, Emma and Norman discover the dark truth about what lies outside the walls of their “perfect” environment, and now, they’re going to do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe.

I watched the anime and when I looked up to see if there was going to be a season two, I was stoked to find out there was a manga series about it! It was so hard to find the first few volumes in person, but thankfully my library had the first five volumes and I immediately put them all on hold. I’m in the process of ordering the volumes for my own personal collection now. I’ve only read one other, short manga series before this and am excited that this will be my first full series I will read!

That being said, I LOVE this. It takes such a quick, dark turn so fast my mouth still dropped open slightly while reading it, even though I knew what was coming from watching the anime. The anime does seem to follow the anime quite closely, though I know there will be a few changes coming up. I’m hoping to get my hands on as many of the volumes as I can before season two comes out in January.

Emma is my hero and I love her spunk and the devotion she has for her family. Norman is that best friend anyone can ask her. Ray too - even with his bit of “no-nonsense” attitude. He says it like it is and everyone needs that, at least every once in a while. Emma especially seems to need both boys in order to keep herself from running and doing things pretty drastically and unplanned. Those boys help her stay grounded.

The artwork is amazing and though in black and white for most of it, still shows such a beautiful range of emotion and settings. Even when things were super dark, nothing was ever hard to read or see.

Since I loved the anime, I know I’m going to love the written series. I would recommend this to a mature audience, as it does deal with some heavy subject manner.

Reviewed: 2019-06-18
Definitely an improvement over the lacklustre animation of the anime. Panels are just more dynamic and draw attention to the details. However the first act of this series (books one-five) suffers from the dreaded manga pacing issue where everything is more drawn out then needed to be. Also mother and sister krone don’t have enough weight to them as villians the children aren’t constantly playing against them in the direct sense. Their doing stuff but I never thought especially after seeing the anime the children where in danger. Still will continue for now.
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