Albert Einstein: Rebel Lives (Rebel Lit)

Albert Einstein
  Hailed as a scientific genius, harassed by the FBI as a subversive for his socialist viewsThis book takes a subversive look at lesser-known aspects of the famous scientist’s intellectual life, the man whom the FBI thought was "too clever not to track." It presents Einstein’s denunciation of U.S. use of nuclear bombs in 1945, his socialism and his passionate opposition to war as a profound advocate of radical humanism."What I like most about Albert Einstein is that he was a troublemaker."—Fred Jerome, author of The Einstein File--------------"We were born into an unjust system. We are not prepared to grow old in it."—Bernadette DevlinRebel Lives books feature writings both by and about individuals who have played significant roles in humanity’s ongoing fight for a better world. The series shows the not-so-well-recognized political views of some well-known figures and introduces some not-so-famous rebels. Strongly representative of race, class and gender, these books are smaller format, inexpensive, accessible and provocative.


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