Lily's Crossing

Patricia Reilly Giff
When Lily meets Albert, a refugee from Hungary, during the summer of 1944, they begin a special friendship. However, Lily and Albert have both told lies, and Lily has told a lie that may cost Albert his life.


Reviewed: 2020-03-25
Reviewed: 2019-04-11

This unabridged mp3 format audiobook was read by a single reader. Originally recorded in 1998, the sound quality was a little lacking when compared to newer audiobooks, however the added use of music and sound effects to create more meaningful moments throughout the book more than made up for that. The only negatives about the recording as a whole was that it could be a bit crackly at times. Dillon is a fantastic performer, her use of different voices, tone, and speed aided the listener in distinguishing voices and moments of intrigue. All together, the listening experience was an engaging one, though not totally absorbing due to the age of the recording. The characters of the book were appealing, Lily certainly develops as a person through the summer in which the book takes place. Young readers or listeners are sure to feel close to the 5th grade girl as they get to know the town of Rockaway and the people who live there. The books authenticity deserves a mention as well. Since the author was a young girl herself in 1944, this historical novel comes from a place close to her heart. This serious tale of friendship in a tremulous time can easily be used in today's classroom. In the author's note, Giff states, "...friendship, in the secret world of childhood, added comfort and joy and was the very texture of my life." This comes through the entirety of the book, even in moments where Lily and Albert fight, their friendship is "the very texture" of the novel.

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