Dead Sea Scrolls: Significance of the Latest Developments

Dr. Weston Fields
The Lanier Library Lecture Series entitled "Dead Sea Scrolls: Significance of the Latest Developments" given by Dr. Weston Field on 04/16/11. Who can begin to state the significance of the archaeological discovery that began in 1947 in caves near the Dead Sea? No one better than the director of the Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation. This lecture will summarize what the Dead Sea Scrolls are, how they were originally saved, why they are important, and why some fragments are only now becoming known. The Lanier Theological Library is an exciting new resource for all students and scholars of the Bible. The LTL is a research library and is open to everyone who will use it responsibly. Within the library, you will find a comprehensive collection of books, periodicals, historical documents and artifacts with topics ranging from Church History and Biblical Studies to Egyptology and Linguistics. The LTL regularly hosts events with noted authors, guest lecturers, and researchers who will challenge you both academically and spiritually. Come to the Lanier Theological Library and find serious tools for serious study. For more info on this:


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