Advanced Myofascial Techniques for Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy and Sports Massage: Arm Wrist and Shoulder

Til Luchau
Learn Advanced Myofascial Techniques that dramatically improve your ability to work with rotator cuff and shoulder issues including carpal tunnel, repetitive stress injuries, thoracic outlet syndrome, and more. a. LOWER ARM SEQUENCE Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Info Carpal Mobility: Scrubbing Thenar Eminence (Deep Layers) Transverse Arch of Hand Forearm Flexors; Extensors Passive Pronation/Supination Interosseous Membrane of Arm Arm in the Sleeve b. SHOULDER SEQUENCE Inferior Glide of Humerus Palmar Fascia Triceps Tendon Rotator Cuff Subscapularis Posterior Rotator Cuff (Prone) Teres Latissimus: Arm/Back Connection Neck Work: Pool Cue c. THORACIC OUTLET SEQUENCE Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Info Shoulder Girdle PROM Scapulo-Costal Joint Clavicle Pectoralis Minor Coracoid Process: Biceps, Coracobrachialis Shoulder/Neck: Lateral d. INTEGRATION SEQUENCE Trapezius, Rhomboids Pectoralis Major Front/Back Shoulder Balance e. SUPPLEMENTAL TECHNIQUE (not shown in 2-day courses) Breath Sandwich Supporting and Unwinding Arm: Motility Palm Opening Differentiating Bones of Hand Anterior Scalenes Infra-Coracoid Space Coracoclavicular Ligaments Deltoid Anconeus and Triceps Insertions Seated Trapezius Work Serratus Anterior Presented by Certified Advanced Rolfer and Rolf Institute® faculty member Til Luchau, (along with the faculty), this program includes edited recording of actual live trainings. Viewing the DVD along with the accompanying 40+ page, photo-rich manual is an information-packed, easy-to-follow way to learn new techniques or review a course. The 5-part Advanced Myofascial Techniques series gives practicing manual therapists and massage therapists unique, interesting, and fresh approaches that will increase effectiveness, inspire innovation and lead to increased client satisfaction. The Advanced Myofascial Techniques Certification Program is administered through The 5 principal workshops in the Advanced Myofascial Techniques series include: Arm, Wrist, & Shoulder Pelvis, Hip & Sacrum Legs, Knees & Feet Neck, Jaw & Head Spine & Lower back


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