New Perspectives on CALL for Second Language Classrooms

Sandra Fotos (Editor), Charles M. Browne (Editor), George Braine (Contribution by), Carol A. Chapelle (Contribution by), William Gatton (Contribution by)
This practical handbook is designed to help language teachers, teacher trainers and students learn more about their options for using computer-assisted language learning (CALL) and develop an understanding of the theory and research supporting these options. The chapters synthesize previous CALL theory and research and describe practical applications to both second and foreign language classrooms, including procedures for evaluating these applications. The implementation of CALL at the institutional level is also addressed, with attention to designing multimedia language laboratories and creating collaborative CALL-based projects between educational institutions. Although many chapters locate their descriptions of CALL activities and projects within the ESL/EFL setting, the principles and activities described are equally useful for other language settings. The book does not require prior knowledge of CALL, computers or software. To assist readers, a glossary of CALL terms and an appendix of CALL Web sites are provided.


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